In us offering technology workshops we understand that being in small business and running you IT does get hard...Google can only help so much. If you need remote IT support and service or some onsite man power to solve your IT issues, we would love to help.


Please find below a list of our current offerings. If you would like something custom tailored, please feel free to Send Us and Email Here.

Remote IT Support

A package for small businesses who need IT support and assistance for small issues you may be facing such as...

  • Internet maintenance/support.

  • Software install/maintenance.

  • Web services maintenance.


Services Included:

  • Phone support for any issues.

  • Remote support for up to 30 min per session.

IT Support

A package for small business that need help with general IT support and digital marketing assistance with the intention of learning along the way.


Services You Can Choose From:

  • Website support

  • Social Media management

  • Graphic design

  • Video editing support

  • Email/Phone support for key staff

  • Learning development programme for 1 key staff member