One Object That Helped Me Find My Passion

I've recently jumped on a online course called 'Learning Create Learning' run by the MIT Media Lab. This course centers around creative learning for educators and walks us through some key concepts MIT has used to setup their Lifelong Kindergarten and the Computer Clubhouse Network.


It's been great reading through some of the materials but in this weeks lesson we have had to think about an object from our childhood that interested and influenced us. What was special about it? How did it affect the way you think and learn?

It took me a while to think back but this exercise helped me find one object which helped start the passion I have for technology. Its only now since going through this exercise that I have realized this. Pretty buzzy.

Below is the post I have shared for my course.

"This took me back! I didn’t even know the name of the object until today. Its the ZX Spectrum created by Sinclair Spectrum. This was created in 1982, I was born in 1985 and I remember this from my early 90s.

I cant even remember how we got it, I remember seeing this at our neighbors who would babysit us and it managed to make its way to my house. haha

For me, I think this helped start the passion I have for technology. When I was little, the Spectrum we had didn’t even work. I would sit there with it, get a knife and try open it to see if I could fix it, looking at the motherboard and circuits in amazement. Id rummage around the house and try and find a cable that I could try and plug in it and then chop up some of my Dads AV cables to see if I could create my own power plug.

Now that I think about this, I think its special because at that age(5 -6 or so, I cant remember) I didn’t even know what it was. Playing with it I learnt that most electronic things needed some sort of power and the AV plug would also allow me to plug this in my TV. So with all the playing it taught me so much. I remember in the years following this, I started opening radio amps trying to understand fuses. It's buzzy because the process was the same.

To this day, I still look at technology the same way. Wow! I just didn’t see I was actually doing this ages ago!!! To this day I am still yet to see what that ZX Spectrum did. I will finish what I started! #childhoodobjects"

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