Christmas Decorations in Photoshop

Ive been working with one of my clients to develop their graphic design skills in Photoshop and over the last month. In our time we have had a couple of sessions creating Christmas graphics and also some poster design stuff.

One thing we looked at was how to use shapes in Photoshop to create a Christmas decoration. Its super easy once you get your head around things.


I made this using a circle and rounded square as the base.Then found a ribbon and also added a few 10 point stars. To finish we play a bit with the colour and ta-da...we have a decoration. :)

I'm not the best of artist but understanding how we can use different shapes to make something is definitely a skill and a half. This can be super easy to do once we start to break a shape down and understand all the little shapes that make it up.

Also the colour plays a huge part in this. Notice the red/white gradient on the circle. I've done this to give the effect of the of the circle being round. Again I'm not the best of artist but its little things like this that make a huge difference.

If you want to give it a go, I've create a video tutorial for you to follow along with. Hoping this could be handy for anyone wanting to add a personalized touch to the up-coming Christmas greetings!

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