Māori Words In Tech Workshops And More...

FYI - This is a cool post if you want some posters for your workspace, classroom or home, that celebrate Te Reo Māori and the world of technology!

Every year we have Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori, a week that celebrates the native language of Aotearoa(New Zealand). Being a Māori myself, I'm always keen to share as much as I can about my language and culture, even though I'm still learning myself.

Last year I created a few different posters where I pretty much found different definitions of cool words that I could use in my technology workshops but also in day-to-day life. I just wanted to share them all here for everyone.

Some of my favorite words include Kūkara (Google or to google), iPapa (iPad), waea atamai (smartphone) and waehere(code).

I hope that you find these posters useful for your whanau and I thank you for celebrating Te Reo Māori. Korero mai whanau!

Click Here To Download All Posters...

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