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Over on our ASK Q Facebook page we have

been sharing quiet a lot of quick tip videos. From different tips on how to use your iPhone easier to creating quick graphic design images using your smartphone. Its been great creating these and wanted to note down a few things I've found in my leanings.

Its been really fun putting these together and I've been finding it hard to keep up as we post one each day. This process of creating one each day has taught me more about the production process of these types of videos, short animated screen recordings videos. Its definitely keeping me on my toes to research as much as I can to keep the content fresh and current.

The most challenging is definitely finding an idea/skill to base the video on. For the most part research takes time and I'm always scrolling through my feeds to see what people are watching to get some ideas. I also see whats trending on You Tube which is a huge help as well.

Next to this is once I do my screen recording, how do I squeeze the info into 30 seconds. Challenging most times but always seem to fit it in. What I've learnt here is that planning/story boarding helps heaps which keeps the recording time down and makes it easier to edit, once on the computer. When I first started creating these I didn't even bother with story boarding. Also I use the 'time stretch' effect quiet a lot. In some cases this has helped me squeeze 2 mins of footage to 30 secs. Pretty handy!

Well just a random post for the day, if head on over to the ASK Q Facebook page and check out all the videos and give us a like!

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