Scratch-A-Beat Workshop - So AWESOME!

Over the weekend we ran our 'Sneak-A-Beat' tech workshop for as few youth from around Manukau. It was so awesome to be out in the community to work with all the youth that attended.

This workshop was made possible with the help of Panuku Development Auckland and Te Haa o Manukau, Manukau's premiere co-working, events and Makerspace.

In our workshop we used Scratch, a free visual programming app to create an AR beat machine. For those who may know know 'AR' or 'augmented reality' is the integration of digital information and assets into the users reality. In this we used Scratch to utilized the web camera of a computer to integrate graphics such as kick drums or animal digital assets into the users scene. The user could then interact with the asset when they waved their hand in an area where the graphic was.In our interactions, we coded the graphics to play back a sound of a music instrument and in some cases an animal or funny sound the youth liked.

Its not too hard to do and the youth picked it up really quickly. We actually got to a point where the computers could not keep up with what was happening in the code and on screen...had a few computer freezes :( I hate it when technology cant keep up with our youth!

Heres a few pics from the workshop!

If you think it would be cool to have a workshop like this at your school, community center or even a birthday, please feel free to contact us. Also click here check out our other workshops we run.

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