Professional Learning Workshop at Manurewa High School

One of the teachers descibing what he has created.

The other day we ran a PL tech workshop at Manurewa High School looking at laser cutting and how to create a personalised keyring. We tested this workshop last school term with a smaller group of teachers and are now working with our second group with over 20 in attendance, exciting!

It is a 2 part workshop, and in our first session, we looked at a simple design process of preparing graphics/design for the laser cutter. We looked at taking an idea from our head, putting it on paper and then digitising their creation using some design software called Inkscape. Some fascinating designs created and some greats stories behind their creations.

Following this workshop, Teachers now have to finish up their designs and have them ready for our next catch up. In our second workshop, we will be getting hands-on with the laser cutting and learning the in's and outs on how to use it and get our keyrings cutting. We will also be looking at safety guidelines for general use of the machine. Its a beast of a machine and safety is key to its use, especially being in a school.

It is exciting we can run workshops like this with their staff, especially on equipment like a laser cutter. A lot of this is possible with the setup of the Manurewa High School Makerspace we have been helping develop over the last 18 months. I'll try to share more about the Makerspace in future posts. It's exciting to share as I'm always amazed by the great work of the members.

I'll let you all know how we go with our next session with them!

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