What's Happening In Makerspace: Workshops Everywhere

Kia Ora Ask Q Whanau! If you have been in the loop of what we do on our socials, you would know that we help run the Makerspace in Manurewa High School. After months of running the Space online last year during the lockdown, we're happy to be opening out doors in-person for 2022.

To help welcome back students old and new into the Space, we've planned out various one-off workshops for them. Here, they get to have a go at various mediums and disciplines they wouldn't have had a chance to try before or even thought about in the first place. As it turns out however, the students were enthusiastic enough to expand our one-off workshops into multi-day workshops and activities in Makerspace and we how that this trend continues to grow as we look into what we can do with this amount of interest.

Tie Dye and T-shirt Printing Workshop

To start off with, on the 1st of March, we ran a T-shirt design workshop to welcome in new Makerspace members for the year. Here, the students get to design their own Makerspace t-shirts for the year with tie dye and using the heat press to print either their own designs or the custom Makerspace logos provided.

These custom designs were created by fellow Makerspace members two weeks before the event. They were tasked to design their own takes on the current Makerspace logo, and we received a lot of creative designs to use. We then take these designs in, digitalise them (because the original artworks were originally drawn on paper) and had them printed for the workshop by 5 Star Printing and Supplies - the same printing company that helped us out with the Makerspace Christmas T-shirts last year.

We would like to thank all the students who took part in this workshop, from the ones who made the designs to those who got to tie dye and heat press their own tees - both old and new members. Though this workshop has ended, Makerspace is still open after school to new members in Manurewa High School - just hit up either one of us or one of the Makerspace teachers.

Hydro Dipping Workshop

Our second workshop focuses on repurposing old items you could find from home into cool, new items using hydro dipping. Hydro dipping, in our case, is the technique where you spray paint into a bucket of water and dip your item to create marble effects on your item's surface. We were able to run a trial of this and we ended up learning a lot about how we should run more of these types of workshops as more students got interested in what we were doing and joined in. We had a lot of room for refinement but still we were able to create some cool products from this technique. All we need to do for next time is to refine how we apply the technique of spraying/dipping and open out opportunities to hydro dip more items which we could potentially sell on Manu Toi.

Zine Workshop

One of the goals we would like to achieve this year is starting a Zine for Makerspace. To achieve this, we would first have to introduce the students to making their own zines and we achieved this by starting some zine workshops. Here, we started off with one of the most simpler styles of zine where you can create an 8-page mini booklet with 1 sheet of paper. The physical process of making a mini zine is simple enough: create your mini booklet and just draw/write whatever you want. However, the bigger challenge is to encourage the members to sit down and have a go at just jamming out with their zines. Luckily, we had a good group of students willingly to give it a go and we were able to see them create some cool mini zines to start off with. Eventually, we would like to have our members create more zines centred around Makerspace and even digitally make, collaborate and publish their own zines as products.

Overall, we had a great start with our workshop initiative for Makerspace and we look forward to not only adding more disciplines and other activities onto more workshops but also seeing which workshops stick and expand from there. Maybe we could see some more cool products and projects by the end of the year.

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